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Newspan-Media-195x150Newspan Media is recognized as the largest Hispanic publisher in Houston we strive to grow larger as the Hispanic population keeps growing in North America. It all started as a poor teen immigrated to NY with $17.00 left in his pocket in 1970. By 1976 the NY city salesman Mario Duenas immigrated to Houston after seeing a huge potential in the Hispanic market.His first adventure was the Spanish Yellow Pages. The company expanded so rapidly in a short amount of time that it made the “Houston 100” list of the fastest growing small companies. In 1992 Newspan Media offered the Hispanic community Semana News, which is a weekly publication that reaches out to more than 300.000 homes and businesses. Semana News was a huge success to the company bringing national advertisers as well as local advertisers.  In 1998 Newspan Media launched a new product by the name of Soloautos Magazine. Soloautos is an auto magazine which helps car dealerships moves their inventory quick.During our successes we were able to establish Kynto Ventures LLC to manage our real estate properties as well as renting, buying and developing land. In 2006 Newspan Media welcomed Value Press to its list of companies. ValuePress is equipped with state of art machineries to assure our products satisfaction. Our latest adventure is La Pulguita Clasificados.  La Pulguita is a weekly shopper classified paper. La Pulguita offers our locals deals and discounts through local businesses. Newspan Media Corp. main objective is to provide sophisticated products that satisfy the need of our clients.


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